Exero´s hydraulic compactors for excavator makes the work safer when compacting in hard to reach areas such as slopes, ditches and pits as no person needs to stay in the work area. exero´s compactors are excellent for compacting soil, trenches and slopes and also for driving piles. exero´s compact and open design with the quick hitch integrated to the base frame gives them a low height and easy access for cleaning and maintenance exero´s compactors are designed to manage high pressure on the return line which makes them extra suitable for use with Tiltrotators.

Key features

  • Safe work environment as no personal need to be in the work zone
  • Makes compacting easier for slopes and ditches
  • Driving of piling and sheet piling
  • Made in Sweden
  • The integrated flow control makes it ready to be connected directly to the two-way extra outlet on the Tiltrotator

Our models

  • EX 22 (2.2 t vibration force)
  • EX 34 (3.4 t vibration force)
  • EX 41 (4.1 t vibration force)
  • EX 65 (6.5 t vibration force)
Hydraulisk Markvibrator Exero EX 22